Hunting and Fishing Academy

Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunting and Fishing Academy provides hands-on instruction in the art of being an outdoorsman to hunters and anglers of all ages, races, and genders. No matter your skill level or phase of life, Hunting and Fishing Academy has a way for you to get outside with confidence.

Never hunted or fished before? No problem. 

The Academy’s highly trained, lifelong sportsmen and women lead participants through essential skills giving them all of the basic skills and knowledge needed to go out again on their own.

Start a new tradition

A lone stag bellows in a flowerbed

Family Experiences

Explore one and multiple day hunting and fishing experiences with hands-on instruction for families (youth nine years or older).

Teaching how to use a crossbow in a tree stand

Adult Workshops

Our adult workshops work with the busiest schedules and are great for those who want to become self-reliant in the outdoors and source their own local food.

Turkey calling demonstration

Virtual Classes

Join our free virtual classes to learn new skills and dust off old ones to make your next hunting and fishing adventures even more successful.

Tossing duck decoys

Become a Volunteer

Our comprehensive training course will prepare you to help with a hunting or fishing experience or host one from start to finish to pass on your experience.

Upcoming Classes and events

Why We Need Sportsmen and Women

Hunters and anglers pay for the majority of wildlife conservation in Tennessee through hunting and fishing license sales, as well as an excise tax on firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment.

Over the last century, hunters and anglers led the restoration of our wildlife and have stayed deeply involved in wildlife conservation efforts. In fact, outdoorsmen and women are eight times more likely to support conservation policies.

Without hunters and anglers, there would be no statewide conservation effort in Tennessee.

But their numbers are declining.

For every 10 sportsmen today, only 7 are growing up to take their place. This decline threatens the primary source for wildlife conservation funding.

Woman fly fishing
An overhead shot of the river teeming with invasive carp

How We’re Recruiting More Outdoorsmen and Women

More often, those who have an interest in learning how to hunt or fish do not have connections with people to teach them. Hunting and Fishing Academy bridges this gap to cultivate new generations of conservationists.

Get the latest conservation news and actions to take!

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How Your Donation Improves Conservation

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