Conserving Tennessee’s Wildlife and Wild Places

Now and for the Future

Legacy giving encompasses a variety of ways to make significant contributions to the Federation. Making a gift today allows you to see the results of your donation during your lifetime while your legacy gift continues to help protect Tennessee’s wildlife and wild places we all cherish for future generations.

For more information or questions about any of these giving options, please fill out the form and we will contact you!

Donor-Advised Funds

Take a stand for conservation today

Donor-advised funds, or charitable giving accounts, are a powerful way to provide much-needed funds to continue the fight to conserve the wildlife, water, and wild places of Tennessee. Gifts from donor-advised funds can make an incredible impact on the stability and scope of work that Tennessee Wildlife Federation pursues on a daily basis.

Simply contact your donor-advised funds’ account manager and initiate a gift in any amount to:

Tennessee Wildlife Federation
300 Orlando Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209
Federal Tax ID Number: 62-6047188

Donate Stock

Be a leader in the conservation movement

A gift of appreciated securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds will support our mission to lead the conservation, sound management, and wise use of Tennessee’s wildlife and great outdoors.

When you transfer ownership of securities to Tennessee Wildlife Federation, you will receive a charitable deduction for the full market value and incur no capital gains tax, subject to IRS deductible limitations.

The process is simple. Provide your financial advisor or brokerage firm with the following information to make an electronic delivery through Depository Trust Company (DTC).

DTC Number: 0725
Account Name: Tennessee Wildlife Federation
Account Number: 29470632

We encourage you to alert us in advance with the details of your appreciated gift so we can properly acknowledge your donation. Electronic security transfers do not necessarily provide us with your information.


Give more to conservation for less by saving on taxes

Donating crypto directly to Tennessee Wildlife Federation can save you money on two types of taxes:

  • Avoid paying any capital gains tax on your crypto gains.
  • Receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of your crypto (state and local income tax deductions may also be available).


Choose your favorite coin, submit your donation, and it will be converted to U.S. dollars within 10 minutes. You’ll also receive a tax receipt via email.

IRA Rollover Contributions

Enjoy double tax benefits!

An IRA Rollover Contribution, also known as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), is a distribution of funds from your IRA directly to a qualified charitable organization, such as Tennessee Wildlife Federation.

Because the gift goes directly to the charity without passing through your hands, the dollar amount of the gift may be excluded from your taxable income up to a maximum of $100,000 annually, with some exceptions. Also, because you paid into your IRA with pre-tax dollars, IRA Rollover Contributions allow you to enjoy a double tax benefit as you then distribute those dollars directly to a nonprofit without paying taxes on them this time either!

Please consult your tax advisor for information regarding your specific exceptions. IRA Rollover Contributions cannot be made from a SEP or Simple IRA.

To learn more about QCDs, please visit

A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) can be made by IRA owners who are age 70.5 or older.

Once IRA owners reach the age of 72, they are required to take a minimum distribution from their account. Many individuals who are required to take money from their IRA, but do not need it for living expenses, have chosen to make contributions from their IRAs to support the work of favorite charities (like Tennessee Wildlife Federation!) and enjoy the tax benefits.

Your qualified charitable distribution (QCD) must be made directly from your IRA custodian to the Federation on your behalf.

Each financial institution has its own process for initiating a qualified charitable distribution. Your financial institution will have the required forms to fill out and can assist you with any questions you may have. Your financial institution can also ensure you receive any potential tax benefits associated with this type of gift.

To help you make this process as easy as possible, you can download and complete our IRA rollover contribution initiation form. Completing this form and sending it to your financial institution may expedite the process, although additional paperwork may be required.

>>Download Tennessee Wildlife Federation IRA Rollover Contribution Form here!

Photo credit: Tennessee Photographs