An incredible gift

Legacy Giving

With water, wildlife, and wild places facing more threats than ever before, legacy giving is a powerful way to conserve Tennessee’s natural wonders for the future.

Legacy giving not only ensures that conservation will be funded for generations to come, but it also allows almost anyone to leave a lasting and impactful gift that will resonate years after they are gone.

Writing a will is something that’s easy to put off until later. In fact, less than 40% of Americans have an up-to-date will. But taking care of this task (which can be easier than you think) will not only protect your loved ones, but can provide incredible support for the issues and organizations you care most about.

For more information and a printable guide to legacy giving, complete this form and we will contact you.

Make Your gift for tennessee's wildlife and great outdoors.

Tennessee's wildlife, water, and wild places are under more pressure than any time in decades. Conservationists like you make all the difference.