We Want Your Litter Photos!

After a lifetime of litter, we’ve learned to overlook it

With the start of summer, Tennessee Wildlife Federation wants your pictures of litter in our great outdoors to raise awareness about Tennessee’s big litter problem.

Whether it’s in the woods, on the lake, along a river, or by the road, send us your snapshots of the cans, bottles, and outright trash that harms wildlife and takes away from the beauty of nature. And, of course, please pick some up when you’re done!

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Win A Swag Bag From TDOT

The Tennessee Department of Transportation heard about all your great photos that are spreading awareness about litter in Tennessee. And they want to help!

When you submit your photos, you could be one of three lucky people who will win a bag full of swag including a comfy t-shirt, reusable straw, and more from TDOT’s Nobody Trashes Tennessee litter-prevention campaign.

By submitting this form, you grant Tennessee Wildlife Federation permission to use these images and contact you.

Quick Facts

  • Tennessee Department of Transportation estimates there are 100 million pieces of litter on our roads
  • 18 percent of roadway litter will end up in waterways
  • TVA removed 230 tons of trash from the Tennessee River in 2018
  • Litter stunts the outdoor industry, which generates $21.6 billion in economic activity for the state annually
  • Farmers suffer an estimated loss of $60 million a year

Submitted photos