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Prevent Litter, Preserve What We Love

Tennessee has a litter pollution problem. Litter affects wildlife, agriculture, recreation, and much more—all of which negatively impact Tennessee’s economy, health, and wild places. It’s time for a change that addresses the root of the problem.

Did you Know?



pieces of litter estimated to be on Tennessee’s roadways right now. This does not include litter in forests, fields, waterways, and other areas throughout the state.



State taxpayer dollars spent on litter cleanups each year.

It’s Time to Solve Tennessee’s Litter Problem

Litter isn’t only unattractive. It has significant environmental and economic impacts, harms wildlife and people, and the quality of our agricultural and recreational lands and waters that make Tennessee a special place to live, work, and play.

Designed to be collaborative from start to finish, the Tennessee CLEAN Initiative proposes key goals to comprehensively address the state’s litter problem. One of these goals is to create a Tennessee CLEAN Commission. This Commission is to be made up of representatives—from community leaders, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and more—working together to develop tailored solutions to prevent and remove litter from our land and waters, while maximizing the value of recovered materials.

When it comes to solving litter. There’s no time to waste.

Litter will continue to negatively effect the state’s natural resources, economy, beauty, and the quality of life of its residents until more effective action is taken.

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