Tennessee General Assembly Session Begins 2022

Mar 7, 2022

Tennessee Capitol building

The 112th Tennessee General Assembly reconvened on January 11, 2022. With the deadline for filing new bills on February 3, the Federation is tracking and prioritizing more than fifty pieces of legislation. These include the transfer of TWRA managed property to county government and requiring TWRA proceeds from timber sales to be deposited into the general fund, to name a few.

In total, we are watching more than 50 bills that have the potential to impact Tennessee’s water, wildlife, and wild places. At the start of each session, numerous bills are introduced that could have negative implications for natural resources, outdoor recreation, public access, water quality, and more. The Federation proactively works up front and behind the scenes to defeat those that are direct threats, to shape legislation to more effectively address the state’s conservation needs, and to support those that will benefit Tennessee, the state’s residents, and visitors.

Notably, the Federation introduced the Tennessee CLEAN Act Version 2.0 (House Bill 2759, Senate Bill 2693) in February to continue the discussion about how to best comprehensively address the statewide litter problem.

The Federation is represented by Bivens and Associates with respect to day to day work at the Tennessee General Assembly. To learn more about current Tennessee legislation, visit Tennessee General Assembly (capitol.tn.gov).

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