2023 Conservation Achievement Award Winners

This year, the Federation celebrated 17 individuals and companies from across the state who are conserving our wildlife and wild places.

Water Planning Requires a Regional Approach

Imagine: it’s early fall. The sun is shining. You’re driving west from Middle Tennessee. As you get beyond the cities, you look out the window at the landscape. Trees, a mix of greens and yellows and oranges, are all around. The trees begin to give way to openings with towering stalks of corn and vast fields of soybeans. The land is at its most fruitful—and it brings you a sense of peace. 

Tennessee Needs More Outdoor Writers

Tennessee Needs More Outdoor Writers

As one of the largest organizations in Tennessee dedicated to the conservation of the state’s wildlife and natural resources, Tennessee Wildlife Federation has seen the impact a dedicated outdoor journalist can have on conservation. 

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