Federation Introduces 90 Youth to Waterfowl Hunting

Feb 8, 2024

Group Blind Shot
The Davis P. Rice Memorial Youth Waterfowl Hunt marked its 16th anniversary last weekend in northwest Tennessee, continuing its legacy of fostering a passion for waterfowl hunting among the younger generation. 

Over 16 years, the Davis P. Rice Memorial Youth Waterfowl Hunt has become one of the Southeast’s largest, welcoming around 100 youths annually. By providing an immersive experience and mentorship, it stands as one of the leading efforts in the region, ensuring the continuation of the hunting heritage. 

The lack of hunting access, general waterfowl knowledge, and entry costs make socialization of waterfowl hunting difficult. There is no better venue than the Davis P. Rice Memorial Youth Waterfowl Hunt to introduce kids and their families to a lifelong passion in waterfowl hunting.”

Matthew Brink, Tennessee Wildlife Federation volunteer

Hosted by Tennessee Wildlife Federation, the annual hunt remembers Davis Rice, a young man who passed away in 2007. A passionate duck hunter and outdoorsman, Davis’ legacy is celebrated through this event which has nurtured an appreciation for wildlife conservation in more than 1,900 youth from across the state.

Participants at this year’s event were treated to a memorable weekend filled with camaraderie, education, and hands-on experiences in the art of waterfowl hunting.

Davis P. Rice Banquet on Friday evening

The event kicked off Friday night with a banquet that included a Duck Hunting 101 course, an online silent auction, and a lifetime license giveaway. On Saturday morning, experienced hunters and volunteers guided 90 youths through waters and fields to 18 different blinds in northwest Tennessee.

“Our volunteers are a big part of why this event is an annual success,” said Jeb Beasley, Hunting and Fishing Academy manager. “We had around 50 of them rally around us this year highlighting the collective commitment to preserving and introducing hunting to the younger generation.”

This weekend was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, Cypress Creek Outdoors, Greg and Jeff Ford, Drake Waterfowl, TWRA, Tom Rice and Family, and the City of Dyersburg. The Federation wants to recognize Dive Bomb Industries, E. Star Taxidermy, the Nashville Predators Foundation, and Vortex Optics for the donation of additional items for the silent auction.

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