Everyone has a connection to conservation. Whether it’s from a childhood of exploring the outdoors, traditions of hunting and fishing, or simply enjoying the fresh air, we all understand the need to take care of the natural resources around us. As the giving season approaches, we hope you are able to put donations toward the issues you care most about. 

From the wetlands in the west to the mountaintops in the east, Tennessee is filled with abundant, diverse wildlife and habitats. Supporting conservation in Tennessee is vital because every action we take leaves a mark on the natural world around us. Tennessee Wildlife Federation is dedicated to preserving and safeguarding our state’s incredible natural resources, and your contribution plays a crucial role in this mission.

Become a Changemaker

When you donate to Tennessee Wildlife Federation, you become a catalyst for change through our programs that focus on the perpetual improvement of conservation, wildlife habitat, recreation, and more all across our beautiful state. 

Here is a snapshot of accomplishments we are proud to boast thanks to contributions from our family of generous supporters.

Restore Habitats

Our Habitat Conservation team partners with private landowners and public agencies to restore, conserve, and protect valuable wildlife habitat throughout the state. We know the importance of making sure each habitat has adequate resources to support native wildlife populations and is not isolated from the rest of the landscape. These characteristics are top priority for every restoration project we complete. 

In 2022 alone, our Habitat Conservation team: 

  • Restored 150 acres of wetlands
  • Restored 3 miles of streams to their original flow path
  • Planted 100,000 native trees

Advocate for Sound Policy

Conservation doesn’t just happen in the field. For lasting impact, conservation practices have to be backed by sound policy that protect wildlife, natural resources, and the funding to conserve them. Our Conservation Policy team is heavily involved in state and federal issues  year-round, advocating for bills that help conservation and against bills that would harm it. 

We also organize grassroots efforts to engage Tennesseans in important issues that will impact them. Our grassroots efforts in 2022 led to: 

  • 5,800 people taking action to make their voices heard on our issues
  • Securing critical federal funding for chronic wasting disease
  • Ensuring valuable public land remained protected and publicly accessible

Feed Hungry Tennesseans

For more than 25 years, the Federation’s Hunters for the Hungry program has worked with local wild game processors and hunger relief organizations to provide fresh, lean meat to Tennesseans in need. Because of generous donations, Hunters for the Hungry has donated more than 2.3 million pounds of venison—equal to more than 9.3 million servings of protein—to Tennessee communities. None of that would have been possible without consistent donations to help cover deer processing costs.

Training New Outdoorsmen and Women

One of the most important parts of conservation is building a community dedicated to preserving the outdoors for future generations. We do this through our Hunting and Fishing Academy and the Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). Hunters and anglers pay for the majority of wildlife conservation in Tennessee through hunting and fishing license sales and a special tax on equipment, so keeping this tradition alive is essential. 

Last year, our Hunting and Fishing Academy and Tennessee SCTP trained:

  • 6,500+ outdoorsmen through virtual classes on hunting, fishing, and the outdoors
  • 1,000+ outdoorsmen and youth through in-person workshops and guided experiences
  • 1,600+ youth through clay shooting sports

We are advocates, hunters, anglers, and boots-on-the-ground conservationists who work to ensure everyone has sustainable access to the outdoors. 

You can support the fight for our wildlife, waters, and wild places by donating to Tennessee Wildlife Federation today. Plus, with a one-time donation of $60 or more, or a monthly auto-recurring donation of $10 or more, by December 31, 2023, the first 250 donors will receive our limited edition 2024 calendar filled with photos of Tennessee’s incredible wildlife and wild places as an extra thank you. Donations directly support the Federation’s conservation efforts and can be made at tnwf.org/donate.

Featured image by Priscilla Morris

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