At-Home Training Exercises for Shooting Sports

Jan 19, 2024

Home Training Exercises for Shooting Sports
In shooting sports, year-round training does not necessarily mean you need to spend every day at the range.

For most athletes, that would be far too time consuming and expensive. Instead, there are several at-home training exercises that athletes of all skill levels can do to stay in shape for the competition season.

A Note From the Tennessee SCTP Manager: More advanced training may require some gym equipment

Find a space at home with sufficient room for you to safely mount your gun, ideally in front of a full-length mirror. Gear up in your usual range attire, vest, etc., and make sure your shotgun is unloaded. Place a piece of tape or a Post-It note on the mirror and stand six to eight feet away from any walls to prevent hitting anything with your barrel. Practice mounting your gun and moving your barrel toward the tape like you would a target. Gradually work your way up to 100 gun mounts per day, focusing on your form, foot placement, and stability. 

Similar to gun mounts, perform these exercises in front of a mirror or a blank wall, using painter’s tape as a helpful tool. This is ideal for practicing crossing targets like you would see in skeet and sporting clays. Mark your starting hold point, and place an “X” to the left and the right. Practice going from your hold point to each crossing target, focusing on moving smoothly towards the target. 

Enhance movement, strength, and endurance by performing these exercises with light weights or using your body weight. Incorporate the following into your routine to boost your scores: Sit-Ups, Leg Raises, Bicep Curls, Tricep Kick-Backs, and Shoulder Press.

Regardless of your skill level, there are always areas for improvement during the off-season. Consider these exercises as the foundational steps to get started on your journey. For insight on other essential aspects of shooting sports, visit

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