Shooting Vest or Pouch: Which Do I Choose?

Jan 19, 2024

Athlete wearing a shooting vest.
Shooting vests and pouches are indispensable pieces of equipment that not only complement your shooting style but also ensure quick and efficient access to the rounds that power your every shot.

A shooting vest offers the advantage of multiple pockets, allowing convenient retrieval of fresh shells, shooting glasses, and other essentials. These vests are not just for hauling ammunition, they also give you a consistent mount for your gun.

On the other hand, a shooting pouch provides a streamlined approach, minimizing bulk and maximizing mobility. Worn around the athlete’s waist, it can be attached to their belt, or the pouch may come with a built-in belt. The basic pouch can accommodate one or two boxes of shells, though capacity may vary based on the specific product.

Pouches made of canvas material and basic shooting vests are available at affordable prices online or at local outdoor stores. For those seeking a more personalized look, custom leather shell pouches and custom-fitted vests are an option, though personalization often comes with a higher price tag.

The key here is to determine what suits you and your budget best. Just like a well-fitted shotgun, the fit of your shooting vest or pouch is crucial.

Athlete wearing a shooting pouch during a competition.

If you’re new to the sport, test both options to see what feels better for you—carrying the weight of your shells from your shoulders or your hips. Once you’ve decided, then you can invest in one of your own.

A Note From the Tennessee SCTP Manager: Many teams purchase custom shooting vests as a part of the team uniform. Before purchasing your own, consult with your coach to determine if you will be provided a vest when joining the team!

Finding the right gear to help your game is just the first step to being outfitted for participating in shooting sports. In our community, the safety of our athletes takes precedence, and to uphold this commitment, a diverse range of products is accessible to assure their well-being. 

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