A Guide to Scorekeeping

May 29, 2024

Scorekeeping at a competition.
Scorekeepers meticulously track every hit and miss, ultimately determining our champions.

Whether it’s acknowledging the top performers at a competition or awarding patches for reaching specific score milestones, scorekeeping plays a crucial role in celebrating success and encouraging continued participation in our sport. 

We want all of our scorekeepers to feel confident in their roles, so we’ve prepared a comprehensive video guide just for you. 

Through this resource, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to excel in scorekeeping, providing valuable feedback and motivation to young athletes.

To ensure you’re prepared for the season, White Flyer has downloadable scoresheets you can print off and use during practices. Familiarize yourself with different scoring formats by using the sheets alongside our scoring guides and you’ll be ready to go by the first competition. 

Additionally, check out our competition etiquette sheet as a refresher to stay up-to-date with all of the best practices.

We hope this guide proves helpful, and remember, never hesitate to ask for help!

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