Collaborating with Tennessee’s Science Teachers to Tackle Litter!

Nov 1, 2021

Tennessee Science Teachers Association logo

Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s policy staff was honored to present the Tennessee CLEAN campaign to Tennessee’s science teachers at the recent 2021 Tennessee Science Teachers Association (TSTA) Professional Development Conference.

Serving as presenters of “Tennessee CLEAN Act: We Can Fix Tennessee’s Litter Problem” and as an exhibitor provided the Federation and teachers with excellent opportunities for mutually beneficial, litter focused conversations. These included learning more about personal experiences with litter prevention education and hands-on activities like clean-ups, ways they can get involved with the Tennessee CLEAN campaign and address litter, recycling, and materials reuse with students of all ages.

Tennessee CLEAN is a statewide anti-litter initiative created by Tennessee Wildlife Federation to fix the state’s litter pollution problem once and for all. Tennessee’s science teachers are critical to educating current and future generations of Tennesseans about the need to take our litter problem and doing good things to address it seriously. The Federation thanks TSTA for the opportunity to engage with its members.

Click here to learn more about Tennessee CLEAN and take action today by signing the petition to let Tennessee leaders at every level know that litter pollution must be addressed.

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