Advancing Funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Jan 8, 2020

A tranquil Tennessee stream

From national and state parks to community trails and historic sites, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) provides public access and outdoor recreation opportunities—from hunting and angling to hiking and wildlife watching. LWCF is a bipartisan federal program first passed in 1965. And over the years, it has invested more than $200 million into Tennessee’s natural resources.

This spring, LWCF was permanently reauthorized. This is big progress but there remains no guaranteed funding. In its 50-year history, LWCF has only been fully funded twice. Some years it was completely unfunded.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation has been working with the National Wildlife Federation and Senator Alexander’s office to change that. And in November, there was a strong, bi-partisan vote by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to fully fund LWCF.

In partnership with other groups, the Federation is continuing to encourage Congress to get this funding bill across the finish line.

Featured photo by Drew Senter

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