You are the Key to Keeping Public Lands in Tennessee

Apr 16, 2018

Three people walking into the woods.

Tennessee is home to approximately 2.4 million acres of public land and waterways. These lands include national parks, wildlife refuges and forests, state parks and forests, and local parks.

However, large areas of Tennessee have fewer than 10 recreational acres per person within a 75-minute drive.

You are the key to keeping those lands in public hands. Because of you, the Federation continues to advocate for sound conservation policy, including access. And your voice—your stories about public lands shared with legislators—will ensure public lands remain in Tennessee and accessible to you and me.

Heat map depicting the recreation acres per person within a 75-minute drive in Tennessee.
Data courtesy of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and The Nature Conservancy. Click to enlarge.

Visit now and ask that public lands remain public.

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