Federation Leads Affiliates with Collaborative Grant

Jul 20, 2018

Buck in orange-toned field of native grasses

As the National Wildlife Federation Affiliate of the Year, Tennessee Wildlife Federation strives to be a leader among the affiliates. In that spirit, and because the future of our wildlife depends on collaborative conservation efforts, the Federation is excited to be able to tackle new and creative opportunities.

Recently, in collaboration with the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Tennessee Wildlife Federation received a grant from The Tucker Foundation of Chattanooga. To our knowledge, the proposal was the first of its kind undertaken by two NWF affiliates. This partnership unlocked critical conservation funding both for Tennessee and Wyoming, highlighting the shared issues facing America’s wildlife and natural resources.

“With the strong foundation of conservation work in Tennessee, the Federation’s proposal successfully made it to the top of The Tucker Foundation’s list and was funded,” said Kendall McCarter, chief development officer. “We are excited to work with our Wyoming affiliate to pave the way to collaborative conservation throughout the U.S.”

Featured photo by John Ray

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