Hunting and Fishing Academy Offers Virtual Classes

May 12, 2021

Screenshot of Virtual Class
In addition to hosting hands-on outdoor experiences for novice hunters and anglers, the Federation’s Hunting and Fishing Academy is now offering virtual classes on a range of outdoor topics.

Free Virtual Classes

From deer hunting 101 to practicing turkey calls, the Academy’s online classes are a great way for new and experienced outdoorsmen and women to brush up on skills and learn new ones.

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“Digital classes to get people outside isn’t what we originally imagined for the Academy but the pandemic inspired us to try new things—and because of our supporters, we were able to do it,” said Taylor Martin, Hunting and Fishing Academy manager. “The classes have been well received and complement our traditional, outdoor experiences. We’re excited to expand this offering.”

The Academy’s virtual classes are hosted live throughout the year and are free to attend.

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