Federation CEO Joins TVA Council

Jan 8, 2018

Michael A. Butler, Chief Executive Officer

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is excited to announce that Michael Butler, chief executive officer, has been appointed to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Regional Energy Resource Council.

“Being appointed to the TVA Regional Energy Resource Council is an honor and privilege. The fact that TVA recognizes the importance of having a natural resource conservation organization at the table is very encouraging. It will allow us to ensure current conservation efforts continue and new ones are considered as we explore energy policy and resources in Tennessee.”

Michael Butler, CEO of Tennessee Wildlife Federation

The council is comprised of 20 members from the Tennessee Valley region who are interested and well-versed in TVA’s management of regional energy resources, which includes energy policy and rates, as well as the use of natural resources and assets. The backgrounds and professional interests of the council members are diverse and are meant to reflect those of the public in the region. Council members include representatives from regional governments, academia, advocacy organizations, and the public.

Issues framed and guided by the council include management of right-of-way and hydropower policies, developing effective transmission grids, wind energy, groundwater use—especially for the purpose of cooling and nuclear energy—coal ash ponds, and developing comprehensive and beneficial renewable energy.

The Federation is particularly excited to contribute to the conversation of transmission lines and right-of-ways, which can significantly impact wildlife and habitats; surface water, especially as it relates to hydropower; and renewable energy options and development.

“By bringing such a dynamic group together as part of the Regional Energy Resource Council, TVA is encouraging a diversity of thought that is tasked with shaping and balancing energy production with the other resources it touches,” said Michael.

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