Habitat conservation is a top priority for the Federation whether it takes the form of enhancing access to public hunting and fishing lands or restoring wildlife habitat on private lands. Forest or field, stream or river — habitat is where conservation starts for wildlife.

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Using the Tennessee State Wildlife Action Plan and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation as a guide, Tennessee Wildlife Federation partners with local, state, and federal organizations to enhance access opportunities to Tennessee’s public lands. Finding places to hunt and fish becomes more challenging each year. Recent polling information indicates nearly one in four sportsmen nationwide is potentially losing access to available hunting land. For the first time in history, access has become the most important priority to sportsmen over 2nd amendment rights. This has a host of negative impacts including:

  • An economic threat to the billions of dollars generated by hunters and anglers annually;
  • Decreased funds for habitat conservation through license sales, and other funding mechanisms;
  • Lost connections to the outdoors; and
  • Limitations on where to bring the next generation of conservationists to learn to hunt and fish.


Chris Roberts, Director of Conservation

Office: (615) 353-1133
Email: croberts@tnwf.org

Habitat Conservation