Corporate Council Strengthens Federation’s Work Statewide

Aug 20, 2021

Goldfinch perched

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is proud to partner with businesses and organizations across the state that want to see Tennessee’s natural places thrive today and for years to come.

Members of the Federation’s Corporate Council include Bridgestone, Patagonia, Walmart, First Horizon, and Yamaha—among others.

“In our 75 years, we’ve seen how bringing together diverse allies can lead to significant benefits for our wildlife,” said Kendall McCarter, chief development officer for the Federation.

Corporate Council members financially support the Federation and in some cases become active participants in our fight for the great outdoors.

“We’re fortunate to have generous groups in our state that are willing to invest in our natural resources and do so with no preconditions—they trust the work we do and that allows us to have the biggest possible impact on our state.”

Kendall McCarter, Chief Development Officer, Tennessee Wildlife Federation

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