Svend Brooks Joins Federation Advisory Board

Oct 5, 2021

Svend Brooks joins Tennessee Wildlife Federation board
Knoxville resident with an international upbringing adds a new perspective to the organization.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation, one of the largest and oldest nonprofits dedicated to conserving the state’s wildlife and natural resources, announces the addition of Svend Brooks of Knoxville to its advisory board.


Brooks, a passionate outdoorsman, comes from a remarkably international background.

“I was born and raised in Norway. My mother is Danish and my father is English. We spent our summers in Norway, where I grew up salmon and trout fishing. We went to Spain for the winter, and I went to high school in Denmark,” said Brooks, who recently turned 50. “I moved to Tennessee in 1995 when my mother married my stepdad. They met fishing in Norway.”

“I know Svend has a great love for the outdoors and a wealth of life experiences, and I’m thrilled to have him on our advisory board,” said Bruce Fox, chairman of the board of directors of Tennessee Wildlife Federation.

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a degree in business, Brooks has gone on to become president of the Worsham Group, the real estate development company his stepfather, Earl Worsham, took over in 1957. Though the company, founded in 1877, has worked on projects all over the world, a current focus is buying, holding, and managing office buildings, primarily in the Southeast.

“Svend is a true conservationist at heart and brings a wide variety of experiences and viewpoints to our organization. We are excited to have him on board.”

Kendall McCarter, Chief Development Officer of Tennessee Wildlife Federation

Brooks and his wife, Katherina, who is Peruvian-American, have two children, Philip and Allie.

“Protecting the environment is important to me,” he said. “I’m hopeful I can help the Federation in its mission to conserve the wildlife and wild places we have in this state for generations to come.”

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