Hunting and Fishing Academy Launches

Oct 12, 2018

Father and son practicing archery at Hunting and Fishing Academy
Hunting and Fishing Academy will engage parents more in the experience, equally preparing them to get outdoors on their own.

Announcing our new Hunting and Fishing Academy!

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is excited to announce our new Hunting and Fishing Academy! Beginning this season, Hunting and Fishing Academy is providing even more comprehensive, immersive experiences for Tennessee’s youth and parents to teach and sharpen the outdoor skills needed to enjoy hunting and fishing for a lifetime.

This is critical work as the number of hunters and anglers continues to fall, as does the major funding they provide state wildlife conservation.

Using feedback and data from our Youth Hunting & Fishing Program pilot, the Federation designed the Academy with expanded programming and lasting impact in mind.

“We’re so excited to be launching our Hunting and Fishing Academy,” said J.W. Worthen, director of programs. “Our pilot built enthusiasm for hands-on programming among the Federation family, and we are eager to apply the lessons learned in order to reach more people and have a bigger impact on them. Recruiting people to conservation is really gratifying.”

Because of the Federation’s dedicated Hunt Master volunteers, participants will be mentored by highly-trained, lifelong outdoorsmen and women. With their guidance and encouragement, youth and their parents will learn field skills ranging from setting up camp to animal behavior and tracking, building blinds, harvesting and field dressing game, and conservation best practices, such as leaving no trace.

Additionally, Hunting and Fishing Academy will engage parents more in the experience— transitioning from chaperones to full participants.

Because youth are more likely to continue pursuing outdoor recreation when supported by a close family member, parents must be equally prepared to get outdoors on their own. This approach is designed to promote ongoing outdoor engagement while strengthening family bonds.

Another expansion? Open access!

While the Youth Hunting & Fishing Program pilot was limited to certain groups, the Academy is open to any first-time or novice sportsman or woman who has completed their hunter’s education course.

Through the generosity of our supporters, the Federation is making scholarships available to ensure everyone is able to access the great outdoors through this program.

To learn more about the Hunting and Fishing Academy, including how to become a trained volunteer, visit

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