Congratulations to the 2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners

Nov 10, 2023

Thanks to everyone who entered photos and cast votes in the 2024 Tennessee Wildlife Federation Photo Contest! We are excited to announce the winning photos that will be featured in our 2024 calendar.

2024 Photo Contest by the numbers:
  • Nearly 6,500 votes cast between 48 photos for People’s Choice
  • 17 winning photos featuring 14 species of wildlife
  • Photographers came from 146 cities across 7 states
  • 262 people entered the contest
  • More than 2,300 photos of Tennessee’s wildlife and wild places submitted
  • 32 honorable mentions

The 2024 calendar celebrates the beauty of Tennessee’s wildlife, landscapes, and natural wonders. The first 250 donors to make a $60 or more tax-deductible donation will receive this limited edition Tennessee Wildlife Federation calendar and support the incredible biodiversity of Tennessee all year long!

Congratulations to all winners!

Calendar Cover Photo Winner

Bald eagle splashing water up from a lake after catching a fish. Photo by Kalley Cook.

Splash After the Catch by Kalley Cook

Kalley Cook has always enjoyed being out in nature and learning about the world around her. She got her first camera at a young age and knew immediately being a nature and wildlife photographer was her passion. For Kalley, being outside with her camera alongside her daughter is a special way to experience Tennessee nature. See more of Kalley’s work at

People’s Choice Award Winner

Silhouette of a fox at sunrise. Photo by Christopher Barger.

Sunrise Silhouette by Christopher Barger

Christopher Barger is from Harriman, TN, and has been a volunteer community and sports photographer in Roane County schools and college for the past 10 years. In his love for photography, he has also grown passionate in wildlife photography and spends most weekends out in nature taking pictures. You can find more of Christopher’s photos at

Landscape Photo Winners

1st Place Landscape Winner

Cloudy sunrise reflecting on a lake. Photo by Ryan Rice.

Sunrise on Watauga Lake by Ryan Rice

Ryan Rice is an avid landscape and wildlife photographer from Gray, Tennessee. He enjoys spending his free time photographing the beautiful Northeast Tennessee region. You can view Ryan’s nature photos and drone videos at or on Facebook @AboveGroundDrones.

2nd Place Landscape Winner

Waterfall rushing down moss-covered rocks into a stream below. Photo by Chad Woodhouse.

Feel the Power by Chad Woodhouse

Chad Woodhouse is a full-time MRI Technologist who has been practicing photography for the past seven years. He enjoys photographing landscapes and wildlife to showcase subjects most people don’t see every day. Chad finds his photography adventures very rewarding, and hopes to become a professional landscape and wildlife photographer. Chad’s photos can be found on Instagram

3rd Place Landscape Winner

Sunrise on a tree-topped mountain poking through the clouds. Photo by Bobby Russell.

Cloud Inverted Sunrise by Bobby Russell

Bobby Russell is a landscape and adventure photographer near Knoxville. He believes the world is full of stories waiting to be told. Photography allows Bobby to share the beauty of his home through his eyes in hopes it will inspire and uplift others. Bobby’s photography can be found at

Monthly Feature Winners

Ring-Billed Gull on Frozen Lake by Timothy Loyd

Ring-billed gull ready to take off in flight from a snow-covered frozen lake. Photo by Timothy Loyd.

Timothy Loyd is a hobbyist photographer and birder in Hendersonville. During a deep freeze and after snowfall, he captured this ring-billed gull standing on the frozen lake at Memorial Park getting ready to take off. See more of Timothy’s work on Instagram at @thefeatherchannel.

Spotted by Nik Lytle

Ring-necked duck looking backward, with only one bright yellow eye visible. Photo by Nik Lytle.

Nik Lytle is a photographer based in Knoxville. He got his first camera after a trip to New York when he could only take photos on his phone, and has now found a passion for car photography. Nik’s photography can be found on Instagram @niklytle.jpg.

Smallmouth Bass by Michael Kaal

Smallmouth bass just under the water's surface. Photo by Michael Kaal.

Michael Kaal is a photographer, husband, father, and mentor from East Tennessee. He specializes in photographing nature landscapes. Michael enjoys getting into the outdoors as much as possible. View more of Michael’s work at

My Mom’s Got Me by Brenda Gilbert

Black bear cub standing on its mother's back. Photo by Brenda Gilbert.

Brenda Gilbert is a nurse practitioner in Cleveland, TN. She uses her free time to get out in nature, spend time alone, and connect with God. Being an avid wildlife and landscape photographer, she spends a lot of time in East Tennessee capturing the region’s abundant beauty and sharing it with others. Brenda’s photography can be found at or on Facebook @AmazingWondersPhotography.

Curious Common Yellowthroat by Wade Baker

Male common yellowthroat perching on the stalk of a native plant. Photo by Wade Baker.

Wade Baker is an amateur bird and wildlife photographer based out of West Tennessee. He uses photography in pursuit of seeing as many bird species as possible and continuing to capture natural behaviors of native wildlife.

Squirrels by Rachel Evans

Two squirrels on a tree branch, one resting its head on top of the other's. Photo by Rachel Evans.

Rachel Evans is a research assistant in a nephrology laborator and is an avid wildlife photographer, mainly focusing on birds. She volunteers with the Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center in her free time. You can find her wildlife photography on Instagram @backyardsnaps.

Buckeye on Sedum by Joshua Cotten

Common buckeye butterfly resting on a blooming sedum plant. Photo by Joshua Cotten

In 2020, Josh and his wife decided to create a hummingbird and butterfly garden in their backyard. Their garden just survived its fourth season attracting over 17 different species of butterflies and several ruby-throated hummingbirds. Josh loves photographing nature, especially birds and bugs. Josh is a member of the Memphis Camera Club, and you can find his photos at

Duck Season by Dr. David Sloas

White pelican flying over a lake, with a duck blind and duck decoys in the background. Photo by Dr. David Sloas.

David Sloas, M.D. started taking photos to bring joy to his patients. A self-taught photographer, Dr. Sloas was selected as one of Nikon’s 100 photographers and named one of 20 to watch on Instagram by Business Insider. See more of his work on Instagram @a_man_with_a_nikon.

American Bullfrog by Matthew Smallwood

Close-up photo of an American bull frog. Photo by Matthew Smallwood.

Matthew Smallwood recently picked up photography as a hobby that quickly grew into a passion. He mainly takes photos of nature and wildlife and enjoys being able to share some of the amazing moments he has come across in the natural world. View Matthew’s photography on Instagram @therocketfish.

Spring Morning Turkey by Frank Snyder

Male turkey walking through a blooming field of native grasses. Photo by Frank Snyder.

Frank Snyder and his wife, Joyce, are residents of Athens, TN. A banker by trade, he is an avid wildlife and landscape photographer who spends as much time as possible in the Cherokee National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park capturing images of the beautiful world of nature in East Tennessee.

Defeated by Whitney Kistler

Bull elk standing in tall grasses next to the tree line. Photo by Whitney Kistler.

Whitney Kistler is an Associate Professor and Director of Conservation Biology at Lincoln Memorial University. He enjoys spending time outdoors and values the access to public lands in eastern Tennessee.

Mystical Magic of Winter by Laurie Anderson

White-tailed deer under a snow-covered evergreen tree. Photo by Laurie Anderson.

Laurie Anderson is a wildlife photographer who is passionate about capturing nature’s beauty. She loves to hike and has an endless appreciation for the beauty and wonder of God’s creations. Her work showcases the intricate details of wild creatures in their natural habitats, inspiring conservation and reverence for the natural world. See more of Laurie’s work at

Honorable Mention Winners

Brian Anderson
Belinda Bridwell
Eddie Cleghorn
Richard Currie
Ken Gray
Angela Lannom
Kathy Malone
Thomas McEwen
Becky McRae
Bill Merrick

Michael Pachis
David Pelren
Diane Proffitt
Allen Sparks
Rebecca Stone
Owen Stonecipher
Robert Summitt
Bryce Wade
Greg Wathen
Michael Wolff

Featured photo by Christopher Barger

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