Race for Governor: Call Candidates

Call the Candidates

The race for governor is on! Call the gubernatorial candidates today and share your love for Tennessee’s wildlife.

When you tell candidates that you plan to #VoteWildlife, Tennessee’s great outdoors become a priority

Making a phone call is one of the most effective steps you can take to make your voice heard.

Text TNgov to
(615) 237-7886 to connect with the campaigns.

We’ll send you the direct phone numbers for each candidate.

Don’t forget to head over to social media to tell others you’ve called and committed to #VoteWildlife this November.

Sample scripts

Hello! My name is ______. I’m a Tennessee voter and an avid hunter.

As a hunter, access to public lands and wildlife is important to me. For me, hunting is not only a tradition, but it is also a means for me to contribute to Tennessee’s great outdoors and provide for my family.

If you are elected governor, how will you ensure public access to lands that support hunting? How will you appoint wildlife commissioners to protect Tennessee’s great outdoors and hunters like me?

Hello! My name is ______. I’m a Tennessee voter and an avid (insert favorite recreational water activity here).

I recently learned that outdoor recreation in Tennessee generates $21.6 billion in consumer spending each year, and I believe that spending could increase if our Tennessee leadership worked to better protect our wildlife and natural resources while better marketing these outdoor resources.

If you are elected governor, what is your plan to effectively grow this market, and how will you use the revenues generated from outdoor recreation to enhance current conservation efforts in the state?

Hello! My name is ______. I’m a Tennessee voter and an avid (insert favorite recreational water activity here).

As an outdoors person, it is important to me that the next governor of Tennessee be committed to safeguarding Tennessee’s wildlife and great outdoors and protect the economies supported by those resources.

I am concerned that Asian carp is a serious threat to our Tennessee waterways, aquatic wildlife, recreational boating and fishing, and the communities whose economies rely on those resources and industries.

Will Candidate (Dean/Lee) commit to fight Asian carp and protect Tennessee’s great outdoors if he is elected governor? This is important to me.

Thank you.

Hello! My name is ______. I’m a Tennessee voter and an avid (insert favorite outdoor activity here).

I’m calling to ask Mr. (Dean/Lee) how as governor he will ensure my interests in Tennessee’s wildlife and great outdoors will be represented. Currently, Tennessee’s wildlife and natural resources face numerous issues, including funding needs to protect species from becoming endangered and extinct, ensuring clean water and waterways free of invasive species, maintaining and improving access to public lands and waterways for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation, and much more. I want to know Tennessee’s next governor will keep the interests of outdoorsmen and women like me at the forefront of policy and administrative actions.

Thank you.

Show your Colors!

Whether you hunt or paddle, we have a shirt for you! Order yours today. Wear it to candidate events. Post to social media. #VoteWildlife

Share your Colors!

When you attend a candidate event or wear your shirt out, share with us!

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