UPDATE: Masks are required to attend the State Championships.

The City of Nashville and Davidson County have made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks in public.

Tennessee SCTP’s State Championships COVID-19 Plan

The safety of our coaches, athletes, parents, and volunteers is our top priority.

The following changes are for the 2020 Tennessee SCTP season. Please continue to refer to this page for updates as they are available.

In accordance with the Governor’s current reopening guidelines for the state, Tennessee SCTP will be pushing back the date for the State Championships.

The State Championships will be held June 29–July 2 at the Nashville Gun Club.

June 29–30: Skeet and Sporting Clays
July 1–2: Trap

Participation in Regional Championships is optional and is NOT a requirement to attend State Championships this year. Tennessee SCTP has waived the 600 practice target requirement for participation in the State Championships. Participation in Tennessee SCTP State Championships is not required to participate in the National SCTP competition this year.

Tennessee SCTP will hold July 3 as a potential backup date for unforeseen delays.

COVID-19 Requirement Updates

The City of Nashville and Davidson County has just made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks when out in public.

This includes the range where the State Championships are held. Our goal is to adhere to these policies, keep everyone safe, and make the shoot possible.

If you have masks, please bring them with you. If you do not have masks, please try to get one for each person before arriving. We will do our best to have some masks on hand, but they will be limited.

Event staff wearing green shirts will meet everyone as they arrive at the club. We will ask if everyone has masks and if anyone has any COVID symptoms.

Athletes may take their masks off while on the shooting station, but should put them on when they leave the station. Athletes should separate themselves 6 feet apart while waiting to shoot.

We understand that everyone wants to watch their athletes shoot; however, we are also asking all teams to minimize the number of spectators. This is for public safety.

State Championships FAQs

As always, we will shoot in the rain but will stop for lightening. Shooting will be suspended if there is a strike within six miles of the club and will resume 20 minutes after the last lightening strike. Alerts will be given via the public address system and text alerts.

During any lightening delays, since the clubhouse will be closed, individuals are asked to return to a vehicle. On sporting clays, please go to a pavilion or the restrooms. If you must gather in a common area, please ensure you are wearing your mask.

Registration will function through the SSSF SHOT system. Monday and Tuesday will be skeet and sporting clays. Wednesday and Thursday will be trap. Squads are still built based on age divisions, however, there are no designated days for age divisions. This allows teams— especially teams who have to travel long distances—the ability to compete in all three disciplines in two days. Teams may elect to participate for three or four days, but they are asked to compete in as few days as possible.

Registration information will be posted here and emailed to coaches the week of May 18.

First, there will be no awards ceremony. We are working to develop a virtual awards ceremony for after the event. Second, there will be no shoot-offs for scores below straight 100’s. We will utilize reverse runs followed by front runs for Trap and Skeet–the same format National SCTP uses. Sporting Clays ties will be broken by secret stations.

By changing the competition’s scheduling and eliminating onsite award ceremonies, we have been able to cut down the competition to four days. This limits the amount of time spent at the range and reduces travel days to a minimum. We have also removed the age division restrictions by day, allowing teams to compete in each discipline in the fewest days possible.

Yes, you may register by following this link tnwf.org/state-2020-individual-registration

This registration form is ONLY for individuals whose team is not registering for the State Championships.

Yes, the teams may register to compete in skeet and sporting clays on the same day. However, they are not required to. If the team registers to compete in both disciplines on the same day they are required to make sure flight times do not overlap.

Tennessee SCTP has elected to remove the double trap and double skeet events this year to limit the amount of time spent traveling and limit exposure on the range. In addition, we didn’t want State Championships to conflict with July 4th holiday plans.

Tennessee SCTP will be hiring outside scorekeepers for the event.

To minimize the time of exposure for participants, we are eliminating shoot-offs this year. In Trap and Skeet, ties will be broken by reverse run followed by front run. Squad/teams will use a total of reverse runs. Team members who tie for the last spot, will use the longest reverse run. Reverse runs are calculated from the 100th target backwards to the last miss.  Front runs are calculated from the 1st target to the first miss.

For Sporting Clays, we will use the scores from randomly previously selected stations to break ties.

Tennessee SCTP will announce winners virtually and trophies will be mailed to head coaches to give to their athletes.

Please find this year’s eligibility requirements and application for the 2020 Tennessee Scholastic All-State Scholastic Banquet and Fun Shoot at the link below.

Click here

Yes, but parking along the main line is limited. We are working on a parking plan. Check back here for more details.

We will be holding a series of webinars the week of June 22 to answer many questions about State and cover these briefings. Check back for more details.

Golf carts will be available for participants to rent on-site. Participants can expect the same rental rates as the three previous years. 

Current Tennessee SCTP athletes who are graduating high school seniors and who have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 can apply for scholarships.

Robert E. Tipton Memorial Scholarship – Application

Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program Scholarship – Application

Dr. John O. Gayden Memorial Scholarship – Application

All coaches and athletes participating in State Championships must fill out this release and turn it in at the registration table.

Guidelines for State Competitions

Tennessee SCTP encourages coaches, volunteers, parents, and athletes to follow these guidelines. And above all, follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the state.

  • Teams should allow athletes to make their own decisions about their level of participation.
  • No one with a temperature of 100.4°F or higher should participate or come into contact with anyone else.
  • Anyone who has traveled out of the country within the last six months, to U.S. hot spots in the last four months, or been around anyone in the last 4 weeks showing signs of illness, should not participate.
  • The event will have no more than one coach, a score keeper, and five athletes on the line at a time for any event. Another coach or team parent should serve as a safety officer at a distance to ensure compliance.
  • Athletes should maintain a safe distance of at least six feet apart at all times, including when shooting skeet or sporting clays.
  • No congregating under pavilions or in and around trap and skeet houses. Parents and athletes not actively participating, should spread out at least six feet apart or remain in their individual vehicles.
  • Use hand sanitizer and wear masks whenever possible. Coaches and scorekeepers should consider also wearing gloves.
  • Participants should refrain from sharing equipment, including eye protection, ear protection, firearms, and ammo.

Still have questions?

Due to COVID-19, Federation staff members are currently working from home. Please call the intended staff member on their cell phone directly. If you do not have their cell phone number, please email them with your questions at:

Dylan Owens
Program Coordinator

Andrew Peercy
Tennessee SCTP Manager

300 Orlando Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
(615) 353-1133

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