Recover Our Hometown, World-Class Fisheries

Sign on to say fishing quality should be balanced with the other demands

Tennessee’s waters must support many uses. From drinking water and recreation to navigation and power production. Demands from these uses often override those that ensure the healthy propagation and maintenance of fish and other aquatic life.

But often, what’s best for fish is best for all other users of our waters. If we don’t speak up, the damage could be permanent.

Are great fisheries important to you?

Tennessee is blessed with outstanding water resources and world-class fisheries. And fishing generates more than $2 billion in economic impact each and every year in Tennessee. Allowing these fisheries to decline is a loss for wildlife, sportsmen, and our economy.

When we make conserving our fisheries a priority, we also create cleaner water for us to drink, more attractive recreation opportunities, and abundant water for other uses.

But we need you to use your voice. Add you name to send state leaders a message that Tennessee should balance fish and water quality with the other demands placed on our rivers and lakes.

Photo credit: Rebecca Johnson