Tennessee SCTP’s Regional Championships COVID-19 Plan

The safety of our coaches, athletes, parents, and volunteers is our top priority.

The following changes are for the 2020 Tennessee SCTP season.

In line with the Governor’s current reopening guidelines for the state, Tennessee SCTP will be pushing back the date for State Championships and changing the usual format of our Regional Championships for this season.

Regionals will now be June 8–14. The competition will be shot remotely. Having teams shoot at or close to their home range keeps travel to a minimum and group sizes small.

Participation in Regional Championships is optional and is NOT a requirement to attend State Championships this year.

The State Championships will be held June 29–July 2 at the Nashville Gun Club.

Remote Regionals FAQs

Basics: Each team will schedule a time for themselves to shoot 100 targets in the squads that they choose. Teams will record the scores on standard scoresheets and submit the completed scoresheets to Tennessee SCTP no later than 5 p.m. CT on June 15.

Shoot-offs: Since this is a remote shoot, there will be no shoot-offs. Ties will be broken by reverse run followed by front run. Squad/teams will use a total of reverse runs. Team members who tie for the last spot, will use the longest reverse run.

Basics: There will be a designated sporting clays course for each region. Teams will be responsible for contacting the gun club and scheduling a time to shoot. There will be a standardized course and scorecard. The club will distribute the scorecard, allow the athletes to shoot, and collect the scorecard. The club will submit scorecards to Tennessee SCTP.

For Sporting Clays, we will use the scores from randomly previously selected stations to break ties.

For trap and skeet, coaches will have to scan and email scoresheets no later than 5 p.m. CT on June 15. For sporting clays, clubs will submit scorecards to Tennessee SCTP. Please allow the Federation staff a few days to input all scores into the SHOT system. If you are unable to scan and email scoresheets, please contact Andrew Peercy or Dylan Owens.

Tennessee SCTP will not be giving traditional awards this year. All teams will be able to see where they rank in the SHOT system after Tennessee SCTP processes scores. Printable certificates are available for coaches to customize and give to their athletes. Coaches, click here to download and print.

Currently, it looks as if most ranges in the state will be open by May 15. If your range will not be open, please contact a Tennessee SCTP staff member to find another range. Most ranges have their own procedures in place for COVID-19, so please call before you go and work through their new requirements.

Please find this year’s eligibility requirements and application for the 2020 Tennessee Scholastic All-State Scholastic Banquet and Fun Shoot at the link below.

Click here

Guidelines for Attending and Running Remote Regional Competitions

Tennessee SCTP encourages coaches, volunteers, parents, and athletes to follow these guidelines. And above all, follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations of your local area and the state.

  • Teams should allow athletes to make their own decisions about their level of participation, with no consequences for squad placement as a result of practice attendance.
  • No one with a temperature of 100.4°F or higher should participate or come into contact with anyone else.
  • Anyone who has traveled out of the country within the last six months, to U.S. hot spots in the last four months, or been around anyone in the last four weeks showing signs of illness, should not participate.
  • Stagger starting times to allow more room between groups entering and leaving an area.
  • Use multiple days across the week to keep density under ten people at any given time.
  • Teams should have no more than one coach and five athletes on the line at a time for trap. Another coach or team parent should serve as a safety officer at a distance to ensure compliance.
  • Athletes should maintain a safe distance of at least six feet apart at all times, including when shooting.
  • No congregating under pavilions or in and around trap and skeet houses. Parents and athletes not actively participating, should spread out at least six feet apart or remain in their individual vehicles.
  • Use hand sanitizer and wear masks whenever possible. Coaches and scorekeepers should consider also wearing gloves.
  • Participants should refrain from sharing equipment, including eye protection, ear protection, firearms, and ammo.

Still have questions?

Due to COVID-19, Federation staff members are currently working from home. Please call the intended staff member on their cell phone directly. If you do not have their cell phone number, please email them with your questions at:

Dylan Owens
Program Coordinator

Andrew Peercy
Tennessee SCTP Manager

300 Orlando Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
(615) 353-1133

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