Public Lands Transfer

Public Lands Transfer

Our public lands are part of the American identity – they sustain fish and wildlife, and provide outdoor recreation and clean air and water. Your national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands are under attack. During the past several years, a small group of legislators and land grabbers have been trying to hand your land over to states or private interests.

Although this issue has historically been somewhat contained to the Western United States, make no mistake — it is moving eastward. Just recently here in Tennessee, a group of legislators have pledged their support for the transfer of public lands to state ownership.

The fight is HERE, in our own backyard.

Across the country, public lands supporters have joined the fight to protect and defend our American birthright. Please let your voice be heard on this incredibly important issue by contacting your legislator and telling him or her that you want your public lands to remain just that — public!

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