Pledge to Contain CWD

Tennessee hunters and wildlife enthusiasts are on the front lines to keep CWD from spreading. Sign the pledge below to take simple actions to reduce opportunities for the disease to spread.

I pledge to:

  • Always follow recommendations for disposal of the carcass and tissues of infected animals.
  • Not transport animals or carcasses.
    Before bringing an animal product into Tennessee, I will make sure it meets minimum processing standards set by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
  • Field dress and bury the offal and tissues of harvested animals.
    Or, field dress and double bag the offal and tissues for disposal in a landfill. I will always use rubber or latex gloves.
  • Never bait or feed game.
    I know baiting game is illegal in Tennessee. But the risk of CWD makes it even more important to avoid this practice. Baiting game increases the deer population in a small area, increasing opportunities for CWD to be transmitted.
  • Avoid use of urine products.
    While it is not a known pathway for infection, urine has been shown to contain the prion that causes CWD. Additionally, it can also attract more animals to a smaller space, increasing opportunities for infection.
  • Report to TWRA any animal that appears to be acting abnormally or appears to be sick.
    And if I harvest an animal that I suspect may be ill, I will request testing and share results with TWRA.