Deer farming research

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USDA Offering Bailouts to Missouri Deer Farmers

Chronic Wasting Disease found in wild deer near farmed deer facility in Missouri – January 24, 2012

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Farmed Deer in Missouri- October 9, 2011

Deer, elk continue to escape from farms in Minnesota – March 14, 2011

Wisconsin DNR to buy CWD contaminated farm for $465K – $94K more than appraised value – Bailout for Deer Farmers

High rates of CWD infection found – predation rates of CWD positive deer 4 times that of healthy deer – marked decline in deer population

Texas destroys captive white-tailed deer herd over fear of CWD – facility breeders in federal prison

Texas A&M Study on the Farmed Deer Industry – Note that analysis mentions no cost of disease issues related with this industry

Media Coverage of HB1112 and the Tennessee Deer Farming Proposal

“Nothing good would come of deer farms” by Bob Hodge, Knoxville News Sentinel

“Wildlifers Oppose Whitetail Deer Farming in Tennessee” by Richard Simms,

General Online Resources for CWD, Bovine TB and other diseases affecting deer and elk (cervidae)

Southeastern Wildlife Disease Cooperative

Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance (a great resource)

Chronic Wasting Disease and Research – Media Catalog

Diseases in Michigan’s Wildlife – State Website

Social and Legal Issues

Why are deer being smuggled into Texas?

Baiting and Feeding Studies

Deer Baiting Issues in Michigan

Deer and Elk Feeding Issues in Michigan

Economics of supplemental feeding and food plots for white-tailed deer

Relative Effects of Baiting and Supplemental Antlerless Seasons on Wisconsin’s 2003 Deer Harvest

Alternative Feeding Strategies and Potential Disease Transmission in Wisconsin White-Tailed Deer

Regulating Hunter Baiting for White-Tailed Deer in Michigan: Biological and Social Considerations

The Nutritional, Ecological, and Ethical Arguments Against Baiting and Feeding White-Tailed Deer

Debating Deer Baiting

Deer Bait Ruling Must not Stand

Bovine Tuberculosis

Farm Group Proposes March Deer Hunt to Control Bovine TB

Fenced-In Deer Stir Dispute Over Bovine TB

Chronic Wasting Disease

Minnesota reports first wild deer CWD case several years after CWD found in captive white-tail farm

CWD Found in White-tailed Deer in Missouri high-fence shooting ranch

Aerosol and Nasal Transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease in Cervidized Mice

New study looks at the impact of CWD in deer, bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Species-barrier-independent prion replication in apparently resistant species

CWD discovered in Allegany County – exposure from PA game farms thought as possible source

Chronic wasting disease scare subsides, but concerns remain for deer breeders

Under state CWD scrutiny, the trend is fewer deer farms


The Economic Impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Wisconsin

The Economic Impacts of CWD (requires Microsoft Silverlight)