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Hunters for the Hungry processor wins muzzleloader

Hunters for the Hungry is only possible because of generous wild game processors and hunters like you. Tennessee Wildlife Federation and Knight Rifles staff presented Roger Sircy (second from right) with a muzzleloader for his contributions.

Hunters for the Hungry isn’t possible without generous deer hunters and committed wild game processors. This past 2017 season, 137,193 pounds of venison—more than a half million meals–were donated and processed to feed hungry Tennesseans.

To reward this generosity, Tennessee-based Knight Rifles donated a muzzleloader to be given to one lucky processor. From the more than 80 Hunters for the Hungry processors across the state, Roger Sircy of Sircy’s Deer Processing and Taxidermy in Putnam County, was drawn.

Roger has been in the processing business for 26 years and a part of Hunters for the Hungry for a decade. He has processed more than 330 deer for the program, yielding more than 57,000 healthy, protein-rich meals for needy Tennesseans.

“We are fortunate to have such dedicated supporters. It takes a lot of donations from compassionate hunters to feed as many people as we do,” said Matt Simcox, Hunters for the Hungry manager. “We are impressed by and grateful for the hunters, processors, and other program supporters who make it all work.”

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