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Heritage Oak Tree

The Oak Tree Two hundred yards south of and below the farm house and toward the river and between the stable and tobacco barn stands what we call “the oak tree”. It is 15 feet in circumference at its base and its canopy is 125 feet across at its widest; and it reaches well over 100 feet toward heaven. In Summer its leaves are a sea of verdant green and in Autumn it becomes a flaming red- orange giant specter. Our mother related that it changed very little during her lifetime, and indeed it seemingly has not changed during ours either. Without doubt it predates western civilization in Montgomery County and thus coexisted here with the local Indians. For over 130 years now six generations of our family have been born, played, worked, lived, died and now lie in final rest in its shade and under its watchful eye. To us it represents the strong and rich heritage of hard work and family and religious values which God in His love and grace has given unto us. We, the current owners, wish to pass this farm, with its mighty oak and this heritage, on to our posterity as both a remembrance of the past and as a guide into the future. The Farm now is free restorative home to women with drug addiction at Bethany House

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