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Fighting Hunger in News Ways

In partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, Tennessee Wildlife Federation distributed more than 5,000 packages of Snack Sticks. Hunters for the Hungry Manager, Matt Simcox, helped distribute Snack Sticks to the kids of McMurray Middle School.

Established in 1998, Hunters for the Hungry is fighting hunger today in more ways than ever before. With final numbers pending, during the 2016–2017 deer season more than 136,000 pounds of venison was donated by generous hunters from across the state. That’s roughly 544,000 meals that are now being given to Tennessee families in need.

This year, Tennessee Wildlife Federation introduced Snack Sticks and partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to deliver more than 5,000 packages.

Cooked, sealed, freezable, and ready-to-eat, Snack Sticks are perfect for after school programs and community centers. The high-protein snack is filling and is a great addition to other foods that are more commonly available to food programs.

Also, this was the third year of the Hunger Challenge, which was launched to provide a way for more youth to participate in Hunters for the Hungry. It’s a point-based competition among high school clubs that raises money and gathers venison to help feed hungry families. But it also serves as an educational experience for students. Through the Hunger Challenge, students gain important skills in leadership, club-building, humanitarianism, and philanthropy.

This year, Memphis University School is both the Region I winner and the statewide champion. Centennial High School in Franklin won Region II. Clarkrange High School took the top spot in Region III. And the Region IV champ was Jefferson County High School.

Click here to read more about this year’s Hunger Challenge winners.

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