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Development, Land-use Policy, and the Future of Agriculture, Forestry and Hunting in the Southeast Cumberland Plateau

The Tennessee Wildlife Federation is pleased to present its final report on development, land-use policy, and the future of agriculture, forestry and hunting in the southeast Cumberland Plateau. This report will include numerous documents outlining the various meetings and presentations associated with the project as seen in the Table of Contents. The primary audience for this document is those who funded the project; however, there have been several groups and individuals who have requested a copy of this report. The project leaders have decided to include useful documents into the report so that others can not only get a true sense of the multi-faceted approach when attempting to build a case for land conservation; but also to allow others to be able to replicate the process.

To open a pdf document of the full report, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Forrest M Butler
    Forrest M Butler says:

    It seems this report is at least 10 years old, written in the Bredesen administration. Have any revisions been made to this plan?


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