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Christian Brothers High School wins statewide Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunger Challenge

Will Wolbrecht and Patrick Koch, both of Christian Brothers High School, tied for the top fundraisers in Region 1.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is excited to announce that Christian Brothers High School in Memphis is the statewide winner of Hunger Challenge.

Hunger Challenge is an initiative of the Federation’s Hunters for the Hungry program, which connects food banks and soup kitchens with caring deer hunters. Hunger Challenge was launched in 2013 to provide a way for youth to participate in this effort. The point-based competition among high school clubs not only raises critical funds to help feed hungry families, but also serves as an educational experience for students. By participating, students gain important skills in leadership, club-building, humanitarianism, and philanthropy.

Christian Brothers High School earned the most points in Tennessee. Students contributed 3,570 pounds of venison, volunteered for a collective 96 hours, and raised $21,100—the most of all the regional winners.

Will Wolbrecht and Patrick Koch, both of Christian Brothers, tied for the top fundraisers in Region 1, and Will was the top harvester.

“I was real impressed with these young men that they’ve taken something they enjoy as a hobby and as a sport and used it to help other people,” said Monsignor John McArthur, Christian Brothers’ Hunger Challenge club advisor. “They are really making a difference. They are feeding needy families. I think that’s a great thing and very conscientious of them to do that.”

Additional Hunger Challenge clubs in Region 1 enjoyed statewide success. In addition to being regional champion, Memphis University School won the statewide School Top Harvester award for securing more venison than any other school—4,032 pounds. Fayette Academy, also in the region was recognized for logging the most volunteer hours in the state.

In Region 2, Smith County High School secured the regional champion spot, with member J.R. Hord crowned as the Top Harvester. David LeCates of Centennial High School was the regional Top Gun Award winner for raising the most funds.

Region 3 was led by Clarkrange High School. Member Lauryn Adkins won both the Top Harvester and Top Gun individual awards for the region.

Jefferson County High School prevailed as the Region 4 club champion. Club members, Jacob Bales and Lane Hodges were the Top Harvester and Top Gun individual awardees, respectively.

“Tennessee Wildlife Federation works hard to engage youth in the outdoors. Hunger Challenge is just one example of how we successfully do that,” said Matt Simcox, Hunters for the Hungry manager. “Club involvement teaches stewardship, respect, and commitment to these high school students. And, by nature of the challenge, promotes a conservation mindset. The Federation is proud of these students and grateful for their contributions.

Hunger challenge begins again this spring and schools interested in participating can get more information at:

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