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CEO Testifies Before Congress

CEO before House subcommittee

TWF CEO, Mike Butler, testifies before a subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the impact of non-navigable floating houses.

TWF CEO Mike Butler testified in Washington, D.C. before a House subcommittee in early October on the regulation of unregistered floating structures moored on public reservoirs managed by TVA. Of the 1,800 floating houses on those lakes, more than half are illegal, and it is unknown whether they were built to code or are handling sewer and electrical service in an appropriate manner. TVA is working to develop a policy to manage these structures moving forward. At the Congressional hearing, Butler was asked to represent the interests of Tennessee’s wildlife, habitat, and the people who use our public outdoor resources.

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  1. Chuck Edrington
    Chuck Edrington says:

    During the Sub Committee meeting Mr Butler made reference to the TN Striped Bass Association. The comment was viewed as the fisherman have a difficult time fishing with these floating houses.
    I am a retired Fisheries Biologist with TVA and live in the town of Norris Tn. Striper fisherman fish in the main lake are not in the harbor areas of boat marinas where these floating houses are attached to the marina property. This was defined as a incorrect statement and myself and others in his area believe Mr Butler should contact the sub committee and apologize for his unsupported statement. Also we see no problems in the environmental , fisheries,aquatic life, navigation, and water quality in and around these floating homes.
    There are far more problems on our Reservoirs with eroding banks due to mowing a yard of a waterfront home all the way to waters edge ,fertilizers , herbicides washing into the lakes due to wake board and surfing boats that never plane off and cause major damage to shorelines and water quality!This is what the TN Wildlife Fed should be concerned about not Floating Homes that have no impact due to the Current Marina standards.


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