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Eastern painted turtle

This land is our land, if we protect it

Opinion article by Michael Butler, CEO of Tennessee Wildlife…

A New Year's Resolution: Invest in an Outdoorsman

It’s a few weeks into the New Year. How’s that resolution…

Federation CEO Joins TVA Council

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is excited to announce that Michael…
Pheasant Tennessee

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Keep Wildlife from Becoming Endangered

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act Funds Proactive, State-led…

Outdoor Recreation Pays Dividends

In all that we do, Tennessee Wildlife Federation serves to…
capitol building

CEO Michael Butler Advocates for Sound Conservation Policy in D.C.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation closely monitors local, state,…
Elk Tower Tennessee

Public Lands Large and Small Benefit Tennesseans

If you ignore things that don’t have a simple price tag, it is still obvious that public lands benefit everyone.
Lindsey Gardner

Federation Adds Conservation Veteran to Policy Team

Tennessee Wildlife Federation has grown its public policy capacity with the addition of Lindsay Gardner.
Fireflies in Cades Cove

Fireflies Illuminate the Value of Public Lands

Last month, The Washington Post wrote a great travel article…

An Update on Our Legislative Work in Tennessee

Shaping public policy has always been at the core of Tennessee…