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Support Permanent Authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund

This pillar of conservation is currently unfunded but one bill could fix that.
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Representing Fish & Anglers on State Water Plan

Tennessee Wildlife Federation was instrumental in former Governor…
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Pushing Back on Exemptions to Aquatic Protections

The Federation’s conservation policy team regularly tracks…

Modernizing the Endangered Species Act

There are efforts underway to modernize the Endangered Species…

Shaping the Duck River’s Drought Management Plan

The Duck River is one of the most biologically diverse rivers…
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Land and Water Conservation Fund Reauthorization

Congress established the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)…

Tennessee Valley Authority’s Natural Resource Plan

TVA is updating its Natural Resources Plan and working to improve…
asian carp

Leading Multi-State Asian Carp Response Coordination

Asian carp are invading Tennessee’s waters but it isn’t just…
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Stop Selling and Transferring Public Lands

Your national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands are at risk.
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Needs Mount For Nongame Species

In Tennessee, more than 1,400 species are identified as being…