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Representing Fish & Anglers on State Water Plan

Tennessee Wildlife Federation was instrumental in former Governor Haslam’s Tennessee H2O Initiative and the development of the TN H2O Road Map, Tennessee’s first-ever statewide water plan. In addition to co-chairing the Natural Resources Working Group with The Nature Conservancy, the Federation co-wrote the natural resources and the recreation and tourism portions of the plan. This […]

Pushing Back on Exemptions to Aquatic Protections

The Federation’s conservation policy team regularly tracks proposals and rule changes by local, state, and national groups. These changes would otherwise go unchallenged and have negative impacts on our wildlife and great outdoors for years to come. In October 2018, the Federation provided official comments to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation on proposed […]

Modernizing the Endangered Species Act

There are efforts underway to modernize the Endangered Species Act, which was originally written in 1973. Only 3 percent of listed species have recovered during the past 45 years. Modernization efforts are focusing on approaches that would better conserve species. Changes would better engage property owners, states, and local stakeholders as partners, rather than treating […]

Shaping the Duck River’s Drought Management Plan

The Duck River is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in North America and is the longest river located entirely within Tennessee. The Federation provided official comments in support of the comprehensive and robust 2013 Duck River Drought Management Plan and provided recommendations to the Tennessee Valley Authority for consideration in the finalization of […]

Land and Water Conservation Fund Reauthorization

Congress established the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) in 1964 “to protect and enhance our nation’s incomparable array of natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities.” As America’s most essential federal conservation program, LWCF has protected our national and state parks, wildlife refuges and forests; forests and ranches; cultural resources and historic sites; urban parks, […]

Tennessee Valley Authority’s Natural Resource Plan

TVA is updating its Natural Resources Plan and working to improve its efficacy and conduct a thorough environmental review of the natural resources it manages and any associated impacts. The Federation reviewed and provided official comments on proposed changes to TVA’s Natural Resource Plan to address and urge for minimization of impacts to TVA’s natural […]

Leading Multi-State Asian Carp Response Coordination

Asian carp are invading Tennessee’s waters but it isn’t just a Tennessee issue. It’s a regional issue that requires a regional response if any progress is going to be made—and then kept. Tennessee Wildlife Federation started a monthly, multi-state update and networking call about Asian carp activities across the Southeast. This meeting has grown to […]