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Reauthorization of the TWRA/Fish and Wildlife Commission

Starting with the 2010 legislative session, a small group of state House members  undertook an effort to shut down the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) by placing the Agency in “wind-down” mode, which would prepare TWRA and its critical wildlife and fisheries management work for elimination. Reauthorizations affect every state agency; the problem in the […]

Wild Hogs in Tennessee: Controlling an Epidemic

In 2011, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency took aggressive measures to address a rapidly spreading epidemic: invasive, non-native wild pigs were taking over the landscape. The Agency delisted the hogs as a big game species and began working with landowners to kill the pigs by virtually any means necessary. An alarming trend was populations arising […]

Resisting Federal Overreach: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Proposed Ban on Tailwater Fishing

More than a million Tennesseans enjoy fishing each year, with tens of thousands more traveling from around the nation to visit world-class tailwater fisheries below dams on a number of Cumberland River reservoirs. Those incredible public resources–and the billions in associated economic impact—were slated to be eliminated in early 2013 through a unilateral directive from […]

Tennessee Wildlife Federation earns Olympic certification

Young Tennessee athletes who excel in shotgun shooting sports like trap and skeet have an exciting new resource to help them pursue Olympic ambitions. USA Shooting, the national governing body for the Olympic Shooting Sports, has designated the Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF) as a USA Shooting Certified Training Center (CTC), one of only 16 in […]

Development, Land-use Policy, and the Future of Agriculture, Forestry and Hunting in the Southeast Cumberland Plateau

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is pleased to present its final report on development, land-use policy, and the future of agriculture, forestry, and hunting in the southeast Cumberland Plateau. This report includes numerous documents outlining the various meetings and presentations associated with the project as seen in the Table of Contents. The primary audience for this document […]

Tennessee’s Mining Policies

This report contains a three part review of Tennessee’s mining policy. A product of more than 1,600 hours of research, 200 stakeholder interviews, and numerous on-site visits, it provides an overview of trends in the coal market, production, and policy. In so doing, it argues the case for upgrading how coal mining is regulated in […]