Pledge to Stop Invasive Carp

Tennessee’s anglers, boaters, and other wildlife enthusiasts are on the front lines of monitoring invasive carp and slowing their spread. Sign the pledge to take four simple actions to combat this dangerous invasive species.

I pledge to:

#1: Talk to My Legislators. And Keep Talking to Them.

Invasive carp isn’t just a Tennessee issue. It’s a national issue that requires a national response. To stop invasive carp, I will ask local, state, and federal lawmakers to pay attention to the issue and devote more resources to address it.

(The best place to start is to send your legislators an email right now. It only takes minutes!)

#2: Not Move Bait Fish

I know Asian carp have a shad-like appearance and are easily mistaken for bait fish. Because moving young invasive carp increases the chances of introducing reproducing carp to new areas, I will not move bait fish from the waters where they are caught.

#3: Report Invasive Carp to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Monitoring invasive carp is important, so I will report the location and date of sightings of invasive carp along with a photo or provide the fish itself.

In West Tennessee, report young invasive carp. In East Tennessee, report sightings of any kind. Simply call Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s main fisheries office at (615) 781-6575.

#4: Share Information with a Friend

I will spread the word about invasive carp by telling friends and posting information like to social media.